Saturday, December 31, 2016

End of Time

Only a few hours left to go for 2016 and I am driving across Arizona, returning home to New Mexico.  I make this trip several times a year - usually with family members along, no light (middle of the night), and no time to stop. Today is different. I am heading home a day early to try to beat the weather and I just bought a car so I am driving it while leaving my wife to drive the minivan. There is light, and it is interesting because of the coming weather.

When I reached Flagstaff I was more worried about the weather than anything, but by the time I hit Twin Arrows the clouds were breaking up, and soon I was seeing the sites I kept promising myself I would photograph "someday."

This first shot was one of the last frames of the session. The lower left edge of the frame is actually a dark hole with a wooden walkway leading nowhere in the pit - but through the magic of HDR/Photomatix Pro and a 5-frame bracket at 2-stops per shot the image evens out.

 From the backside of the canyon with dramatic clouds billowing overhead I am left to wonder what exactly these old buildings were.  The front of the most visible building says "Mountain Lions" in faded paint, but nothing else.

This final image is a straight shot of the initial HDR scene - you can see the walkways is down in a shadowy pit.

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